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Residential Painting and Decoration

Before any residential work is carried out we always visit the client and their premises for an informal discussion to establish the customer’s personal requirements. This allows us to use our experience and knowledge to work with the customer to give an accurate quote and to give the customer an opportunity to make an informed decision on the type of paint finish, style and colour they desire. Redecoration can make a huge impact and changes to a home and it is important to get it right. We feel that it is imperative to spend time prior to commencing work, making sure that the client is fully aware and happy with their choices.

Decorating can be very disruptive to family life and day to day running of a household. We aim to work around each customer’s schedule wherever possible. If you are having a more extensive refurbishment we are happy to work alongside your builder or subcontractors directly. The protection of client’s furniture and carpets are of the utmost importance and we will provide ample dust sheets to ensure no damage occurs. For those clients that may struggle to move furniture we are more than happy to assist. It is our aim to keep the process as stress free as possible.

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Commercial Decorating Services

We can provide a range of commercial painting and decorating services to businesses no matter how large or small.

For any commercial work, whether a complete redecoration or a touch up, a site survey is always carried out. This allows any expectations of the client to be determined along with requirements on time scale and what working hours are available. It is our aim to be as flexible as possible and we are happy to work unsociable hours to minimise the impact on the business of organisation. This includes working nights and weekends if required.

A full detailed no obligation quote will be provided prior to any commencement of our services. If there are any additions or alterations to be made once the work has commenced we will communicate and confirm with the client before proceeding. This ensures that the client is always fully aware of the costs and any changing timescale.

We aim to carry out any commercial decorating work in the most efficient way possible, providing the highest level of work with the minimum level of disturbance.

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